• We take care of and keep, carefully, our people, communities, and environment clean and, above all, safe. But the challenges of waste management are not simple and are only representing by combining and disposal of sewage, supplying of dump trucks and containers for commercial and government bodies and houses, or cleaning waste of oils and cleaning drainage canals. Rather, to manage waste effectively and get rid of requires a sophisticated and advanced engineering expertise and experience of high-tech, we possess to manage waste in a responsible manner environmentally

As a part of developing movement, and as one of the most important players in the field of construction and infrastructure in Qatar, Qatar Engineering House w.L.L (QEH ) Company devotes all of its expertise in waste management services in all of its kinds and the services of insect control

We have special departments specialized for services of management of non-hazardous solid and liquid waste, its collection, transportation and disposal, inspect control, and other miscellaneous activities

Since 2007, Qatar Engineering House w.L.L (QEH) provides the best types of services to entities, government institutions, parastatals and private clients such as Public Works Authority (works), Qatar Petroleum, many other private companies, restaurants, hotels and others